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So, can my trees get too much rain? Yes!  Trees welcome a couple of rainy days; however, days and days of excessive rain showers leave your trees feeling waterlogged!  How would you feel if you drank gallon after gallon of water for days on end?  You probably wouldn’t feel very well, right?  It’s the same for your trees. 

Too little water isn’t good for trees, but too much water can be just as bad!  Tree Care Pros has been providing fine tree health care services to the residents of Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area for more than 25 years.  Our ISA certified arborist, tree expert, tree doctors, and arbor care professionals continuously encounter and battle tree diseases that result from excessive rain. 

When your tree appears to be declining, contact us at (817) 402-2055.  Our family-owned and locally-based company welcomes any questions you might have!

If My Trees Get Too Much Rain, What Diseases Can They Get?

Fungal pathogens thrive in water-soaked soil.  These fungi can not only damage your tree, but some fungal diseases can also actually destroy the tree.  Below are two examples of damaging diseases that are triggered by excessive water:

Root Rot

Tree roots need oxygen and they derive that oxygen from the soil.  Your soil has tiny areas in it known as pores.  Excessive water build-up or torrential rain showers clog the pores in the soil that provides oxygen for the roots. 

The roots are prevented from growing, are deprived of the oxygen they need and they begin to decay and rot.  Root rot is a very threatening tree disease and can kill a tree if it is not halted quickly. Also, this article can help explain the root rot.

Powderly Mildew

Have you noticed white dusty spots on your plants or your tree’s foliage that look like someone sprinkled flour all over them?  That is powdery mildew.  It is a fungal disease that spreads rapidly and quickly overtakes your entire outdoor grounds if treatment is not administered swiftly.

My Tree Leaves Are Wilted And Yellow. Why Do They Look So Bad After So Much Rain?

The excess rain has caused your trees to become stressed and weak.  Their resistance to tree diseases has lessened, leaving them vulnerable to the fungal diseases that excessive rain can trigger.  Even healthy trees can become weak and vulnerable to infectious agents when they’ve been subjected to stressful, extreme weather conditions. 

If your soil dries and your trees are able to develop new growth then they would most likely bounce back from the shock of being drenched.  Soggy soil, standing water or foliage that remains wet is never a good sign. 

When you have excessive water throughout your outdoor grounds or your trees look sick, don’t hesitate to contact a tree care specialist.  As with any illness, the earlier a sickness is diagnosed and treated, the greater the chances of recovery and the least amount of damage results.

Who Can Tell Me If My Trees Are Sick From Too Much Water And Help Me Prevent Damage To My Trees When We Have Excessive Rain Again?

When in doubt or you have questions, always contact an arbor care professional.  Don’t try to second-guess what your trees need.  Our ISA certified arborist and tree expert will closely examine your outdoor grounds for excess water areas and compacted soil which restricts proper root growth. 

We will provide you with a tree evaluation report upon completion of inspecting your trees and explain to you the treatment that is needed.  To protect the health of your trees and guard them against excessive water damage and destructive fungal tree diseases, always entrust the care of your trees and outdoor grounds to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Our reputation and multitude of satisfied customers speak for itself!  Give us a call at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to meeting you! 

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