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Phytophthora Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

Tree Care Pros provides Fort Worth clients both commercial and residential Phytophthora Treatment in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding Dallas Fort Worth regions. Root rot, officially known by certified arborists as phytophthora (Greek meaning “plant destroyer”), is a fungal disease closely related to algae and classified as an oomycete, or “water mold”. This extremely serious tree disease is an international menace and prevalent throughout the Fort Worth area and surrounding cities. A certified arborist has extensive knowledge of this deadly tree disease and its love of damp soil and standing water. There are many fungal species of phytophthora, but they all have one thing in common; water! The presence of phytophthora is often misinterpreted by homeowners who assume the tree needs to be watered more because it may initially appear weak, droop or have thinning foliage in dry, arid weather conditions. Under these false assumptions, homeowners may overwater the tree and unintentionally flood the root system, thus encouraging the disease to thrive and multiply at an even faster rate! The fungal spores multiply rapidly during the winter months while deep in moist soil and the first visible indications of disease may show as quickly as early spring. The presence of a slimy liquid, increased insect activity, canker sores, and wounds on the bark are symptoms of infection. This lethal tree disease kills quickly, so do not hesitate in contacting the best Fort Worth arborist immediately! For Phytophthora Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2055 for a free phytophthora treatment diagnosis by a certified arborist.

What Causes Phytophthora?

Official diagnosis of phytophthora infection is verified by several processes. Visual indications will be confirmed as being root rot by a certified arborist. Lab testing of the root system is necessary to ascertain if the roots have remained strong and healthy or if they show severe damage and have rotted areas. The Fort Worth tree service will inquire as to the history of your ailing tree and outdoor environment. Mechanical injuries such as soil compaction due to construction activity that can gravely damage roots, wires or plastic poles used to keep young trees erect, damages caused by winter weather and low yard areas which naturally invite standing water will all be investigated by the arbor care professional. Since confirmed diagnosis may be time-consuming due to the many areas that must be investigated and studied, it is extremely urgent that you contact an experienced tree company and schedule a free consultation! Your high-value trees are at risk of dying quickly if proactive measures are not taken. A Fort Worth arbor care professional will provide you with a firm diagnosis and advise you on the best approach and plan to battle phytophthora disease.

Phytophthora Treatment and Prevention

Call Tree Care Pros for Tree Services such as Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Sick Trees Fort Worth, Tree Disease, Tree Doctors, or more. We’re a 5-Star Rated Tree Service in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Phytophthora disease is extremely challenging and rarely even possible to battle after the infection has overtaken your tree.  Preventative measures are always the best approach to warding off phytophthora before it ever appears, and following a customized maintenance program developed by the best Fort Worth arborist will eliminate anxiety caused by this deadly plant killer. Limiting construction activity near the tree and ensuring adequate drainage are essential to maintaining the tree’s strength and a robust root system. Deep root fertilization further ensures the health of the tree’s roots. Protect the tree from careless injuries to the trunk and limbs due to outdoor activities within close range of the tree. Fungicides and chemical treatments may be required and the certified arborist will present you with a personalized treatment schedule. Due to the aggressive nature of this rapidly-spreading fungal tree disease, it is of extremely high importance to entrust your valuable landscape to the care of an experienced professional. Do not hesitate in scheduling a consultation with the best Fort Worth arborist and enacting a customized maintenance program for Phytophthora Treatment in Fort Worth, TX! Updated on November 28, 2018 at 12:39 am by Tree Care Pros.
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