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Sick Trees? Tree Disease? Need a Tree Doctor?


Our Certified Arborist Specialize in Combating Tree Disease

Hypoxylon Canker


Hypoxylon canker is one of the leading diseases that decimate trees in North Texas. It is not a specific disease but more of an overall tree disease that can affect your plantation with or without cause contaminating your entire mott of trees. It is highly contagious within a group and normally can decimate your trees by causing death within a few months. This disease is better known as tree cancer and if not caught early in the stages is not curable.

Signs are simple you will start to see browning at the very top of your crown were leafs will start to foliage out of season and then branches will start to weather turning yellow and brown until they are completely dried up. This disease then starts to work its way down the main vascular system of the tree by causing either brown or white spotting that will eventually turn black.

It will cause the bar to peel off where the interior of the tree will dry out and turn a white color just like on the picture to your left. Once it is in this advanced stage tree stands very little chance of surviving. Insects that are dormant in the tree can then spread out to other trees on your property contaminating the whole group and causing thousands of dollars in damage by you having to remove your trees entirely and being forced to replant again. If caught in its early stages there are several treatments that can be applied through either spraying or tree injections straight into the vascular system but once again it has to be caught in its early stages.

Oak Wilt


Oak Wilt disease is initiated by sap eating beetles that enter through the vascular system when it’s vulnerable. A number of things can cause the vascular system to open and let things in like disease and bugs that infest everywhere through the tree later on. When dealing with this, it is important to understand what stage it is on and to call a professional like us to handle the oak wilt disease.

This tree disease has to be treated immediately when losing color, early foliage, and tree losing its natural beauty and vibrant color. If seeing these certain symptoms, it is important to immediately contact a professionally certified arborist that properly knows what to do exactly.

We reassure you that we can handle and take care of this tree disease from your trees and give back that healthy tree lifestyle your plantations has been living. Give Tree Care Pros a call today if you worry of having Oak Wilt disease, we guarantee we will help you in the best possible way we can offer, with our Certified Arborist who has over 18+ Years of experience in the tree service industry. We know how to help you, call (817) 403-2055!

Leaf Bacterial Scorch

Leaf Bacterial Scorch Disease Is Treatable It Can Also Cause Damage to Your Trees

Leaf bacterial scorch disease can be caused by several different reasons. The main factor is drought whenever a tree is stressed under severe drought conditions it will intend to cause premature foliage in the Leaf system this is common for any species of trees or bushes.

And can be easily fixed by putting back in a routine watering twice to three times a week. In other cases leaf bacterial disease can also be caused from over watering or fungi operating in the root system. In any case it is imperative to have a trained professional arborist revise your trees to get a professional diagnosis.

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