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Dutch Elm Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

Tree Care Pros provides Fort Worth clients both commercial and residential Dutch Elm Treatment in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding Dallas Fort Worth regions. Dutch elm disease (ophiostoma ulmi) is a grave vascular tree pathogen which attacks the tree’s plant cells and natural means of distributing nutrients and water from the roots and upward throughout its system. This deadly tree threat is targeting many elm tree varieties in Texas and the Fort Worth area, including English elm, cedar elm, and American elm. Dutch elm disease (DED) has been terrorizing Texas elm trees for several decades and is not slowing in its progression throughout the state. A certified arborist is keen to recognizing the first indicative signs of this deadly pathogen’s manifestation. Pestilence spreads rapidly by several common varieties of sap-loving bark beetles that target weak trees and enter through tree wounds and cankers. The north American elm bark beetle, banded elm bark beetle, and European beetle multiply rapidly and produce two generations within one season spreading DED in an area as great as three thousand feet. This tree invader often causes death of the tree within a matter of eight weeks or less. The best Fort Worth arborist must be contacted immediately for professional diagnosis when beginning symptoms first appear! For Dutch Elm Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2055 for a free dutch elm treatment diagnosis by a certified arborist.

What Causes Dutch Elm Disease?

Diagnostic testing procedures are a swift process for an arbor care professional who will evaluate all visible indications of DED, as well as analyze the root system for root grafts. Root grafts often occur when trees are planted within close vicinity of each other and infected root systems become entangled, thus accelerating the spread of Dutch elm disease. Excessive insect activity is yet another serious cause for concern. Thinning foliage and wilted leaves, dead limbs and branches that have resulted in black curled ends and brittle, peeling bark are all indicative of the presence of this destructive pathogen. For further verification, the experienced plant pathologist will peel away obviously damaged areas of bark to check for discoloration and irregular streaking beneath. All of these symptoms enable a certified arborist to quickly provide firm diagnosis of Dutch elm disease. This invasive tree ailment is causing excessive damage to Fort Worth trees in both private and public areas; therefore, enlisting the services of an arbor care professional is paramount! A Fort Worth arbor care professional will provide you with a firm diagnosis and advise you on the best approach and plan to battle dutch elm disease.

Dutch Elm Treatment and Dutch Elm Prevention

Call Tree Care Pros for Tree Services such as Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Sick Trees Fort Worth, Tree Disease, Tree Doctors, or more. We’re a 5-Star Rated Tree Service in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Resolution and prevention of this lethal tree disease is possible providing combined treatment methods are enacted immediately. The best Fort Worth arborist will present you with a scheduled treatment and maintenance program and service your trees to ensure damage from Dutch elm disease is minimized. Destroying seriously infected trees and eliminating them properly is of key importance in the prevention of further spread of DED. Large high-value trees can be sprayed with insecticides to destroy beetle invaders and protect them from infection. Tree injections may also be advised. Because bark beetles target weak or stressed trees, deep root fertilization will strengthen the tree and prevent the pathogen from invading. A tree service professional will customize and direct a continual maintenance program for your outdoor living environment to ensure you do not suffer loss of your treasured living investments. Contact a certified arborist immediately and enjoy your landscape for many seasons! Do not hesitate in scheduling a consultation with the best Fort Worth arborist and enacting a customized maintenance program for Dutch Elm Treatment in Fort Worth, TX! Updated on November 27, 2018 at 2:20 pm by Tree Care Pros.
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