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Tree Care Iredell, Texas

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Tree Care Pros is a Premier Tree Service that provides commercial and residential services in Iredell, TX.

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Our Plant & Tree Services

Here are the Plant & Tree Services we provide Near You:

Why Choose Tree Care Pros?

Our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction before, during, and after the job is rendered on your commercial or residential property. Our tree service team aims to keep you satisfied and safe while performing work requested. All safety gear is used at all times to ensure the safety of our employees and your property. When it comes to tree service work you will not find a more experienced company that pays attention to safety and state regulations. Our tree removal services put safety at the forefront of every limb that is being cut down from your trees. Attention to your roof line, fence line, and other property is given by our technicians to ensure safety at all times. When it comes to tree pruning or trimming we give great attention to all cuts been made on your trees. You will find that our staff has knowledge in the area of pruning and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our arborist team continually studies new pathogen’s, diseases and bacteria’s to bring real solutions to your sick trees in Iredell, TX. Most unhealthy trees can be treated with simple but powerful medicine through tree injections, deep root fertilization, or spraying of canopy. Ask about our yearly tree feeding programs you will find them to be affordable and extremely effective in keeping your trees healthy year round. When it comes to tree doctoring you will not find a more experienced competent company in DFW. Attention to detail on clean up and haul off is given with every job performed. All of our staff comes with the foreman on site to give direction of what the client is requesting on the scope of work. This ensures that there were no miscommunications during the services rendered. A final walk-through with our foreman will be administered to ensure that all the tension were given to detail as guaranteed.

18+ Years of Experience

Tree Care Pros has helped restore thousands of trees throughout select locations in Iredell, TX. We have over 18+ years of experience working in the tree industry and truly understand what it takes to bring a smile to your face!

Insured And Bonded

Being in this industry for a long time, we know the risk one must take in certain environments. So we decided to make it easy and worryless, we’re fully insured and bonded. Our arborist are ISA certified by the state of Texas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main goal is to always keep the clients happy, even if it costs us more. We have a 99% satisfaction rate and without you, our company wouldn’t be able to provide the easy and affordable tree services we do! Thank you!

Since 2000

Our company has been around for 18 years and knows the best methods and techniques. Call (817) 402-2055 for a FREE quote!

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