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Root Rot Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

Tree Care Pros provides Fort Worth clients both commercial and residential Root Rot Treatment in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding Dallas Fort Worth regions. A common, very serious tree and plant disease in Fort Worth and the southwestern region of the United States is root rot, sometimes known as Texas root rot. This deadly fungal disease attacks nearly two thousand tree and plant varieties–including ornamental trees, fruit trees, pecan trees, evergreens, juniper, maples and a myriad of others. Root rot spreads rapidly in warm, chalky-textured soil that may contain varying amounts of clay or sand. During winter months the fungus survives in soil on dead plant tissue, increases rapidly and attacks roots beginning in early spring, and by mid to late summer very obvious symptoms and damage appear. Only a certified arborist or experienced tree company have expert knowledge regarding all stages of this disease’s development, as the visible above-ground indications of root rot do not appear to the untrained eye until the final couple weeks of the tree or plant’s life. Since beautiful shrubs and flowering plants such as holly, juniper and azalea are popular in Fort Worth landscape environments and are highly susceptible to root rot, enlist the expertise of a Fort Worth arbor care professional to ensure that your outdoor environment is protected from this destructive, rapidly-spreading disease. For Root Rot Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2055 for a free root rot treatment diagnosis by a certified arborist.

What Causes Root Rot?

Early diagnosis is essential to increasing the tree or plant’s chances of surviving root rot. Immediately contact the best Fort Worth arborist at the first appearance of yellowing, browning, wilting, or drooping leaves. When the fungal disease is advancing quickly it will eventually spread to surrounding plants. An experienced plant pathologist will confirm if the visible symptoms are indeed the disease, as well as examine the roots of dead surrounding plants. Diseased roots develop tannish-cinnamon colored strands weaving through them and at later stages roots are black and obviously decayed. A Fort Worth arbor care professional will provide you with a firm diagnosis and advise you on the best approach and plan to battle root rot disease.

Root Rot Treatment and Prevention

Call Tree Care Pros for Tree Services such as Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Sick Trees Fort Worth, Tree Disease, Tree Doctors, or more. We’re a 5-Star Rated Tree Service in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Research has confirmed that there are no verifiably successful methods to combat root rot on larger land masses such as acreage used for farming. For smaller properties typical of Fort Worth residential neighborhoods, the best way to control and battle this fungal disease is to consult with an experienced tree company who will develop a customized plan of action so you avoid getting root rot in the first place! Before planting, the site must be properly prepared to ensure good drainage by avoiding compacting soil, raising beds, using pine bark mulch or gravel. Magnolia trees, willows, yaupon, roses, lantana, marigolds and morning glory are amongst the many varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants that are resistant to root rot. Avoid over-watering and over-fertilization. A certified arborist will aid you in the proper selection of plants and establish a maintenance and service program to ensure that your trees and plants remain healthy and provide you with lasting enjoyment. Do not hesitate in scheduling a consultation with the best Fort Worth arborist and enacting a customized maintenance program for Root Rot Treatment in Fort Worth, TX! Updated on November 27, 2018 at 2:20 pm by Tree Care Pros.
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