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Tree Care Pros is a Premier Tree Service that provides commercial and residential services in Celina, TX.

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Why Choose Tree Care Pros?

Tree Care Pros offers Tree Care and Tree Services in Celina, TX. Most common mistakes that most property owners make is not paying attention to little details that mean disaster down the road. Example if your trees or experiencing defoliation between April and August with any of the foliage turning brown it is imperative to call an arborist to inspect the health of the overall trees. All deciduous trees are supposed to remain with deep green nitrogen in their foliage during this time. Any defoliation Is an indication of either insect invasion, Fungal or bacterial.
Most diseases can be eradicated or subdued if caught in due time. Injections or extremely important to maintain your overall trees health. The further the disease gets to spread the less chance your trees will have of surviving. In addition the more expensive because of the amount of chemical that will be needed to combat the disease. If you catch the disease in due time your trees stand a higher rate of survival.
Our arborist team or professionals at diagnosing and treatment. In some cases the only option you have his tree removal due to the condition of the trees. We take pride in the fact that we have no damages due to our technician’s Unsafe protocols. All limbs are tied off then hoisted to the ground safely. This ensures that your property remains safe during any of our tree removal processes. When it comes to tree trimming we follow our ISA standards to ensure that your tree or trees grow properly the following seasons.
To ensure proper growth the right amount of canopy in the proper cuts are made to your plantation during the tree trimming process. We also have the capacity to perform stump grinding on any of your tree removals. We also offer different tree maintenance programs were deep root feeding Is administered during the fall and winter to ensure nice and healthy trees the following spring. Call us today and schedule your free evaluation.

18+ Years of Experience

Tree Care Pros has helped restore thousands of trees throughout select locations in Celina, TX. We have over 18+ years of experience working in the tree industry and truly understand what it takes to bring a smile to your face!

Insured And Bonded

Being in this industry for a long time, we know the risk one must take in certain environments. So we decided to make it easy and worryless, we’re fully insured and bonded. Our arborist are ISA certified by the state of Texas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main goal is to always keep the clients happy, even if it costs us more. We have a 99% satisfaction rate and without you, our company wouldn’t be able to provide the easy and affordable tree services we do! Thank you!

Since 2000

Our company has been around for 18 years and knows the best methods and techniques. Call (817) 402-2055 for a FREE quote!

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