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Bacterium Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Many deadly tree diseases that are rampant in Fort Worth are caused by complex, bacterial-based microorganisms. Bacterial leaf scorch and fire blight are but a few of the lethal bacterial tree diseases that our ISA certified arborist and tree doctors continuously encounter throughout our area. Bacterial tree ailments cause trees to develop unsightly symptoms that include bark falling, leaf necrosis, branches falling, canker sores and oozing slime. Without early treatment, bacterial tree diseases often kill the tree; therefore, contact an experienced tree company immediately when your tree exhibits these symptoms or is showing signs of a dying tree.

Diagnosing Bacterium

Upon examining the tree, our experienced plant pathologist inspects the outdoor grounds closely. Bacterial tree diseases target stressed, wounded trees that have been weakened by insect infestations, root damage, compacted soil, poor drainage and the like. A diagnosis report is provided upon confirming the specific bacterial nemesis responsible. The arborist that treats sick trees administers the needed treatment and provides a one year warranty for any treatment. As maintaining the health of your trees is the best protection against destructive tree diseases, the arbor care professional personalizes an ongoing tree health care plan designed specifically for you. The continual tree and plant health care program overseen by an experienced tree company ensures that your residential grounds and your valuable trees always remain in the best of health.  

Bacterium Treatment and Solutions

Any severely diseased trees, dead branches and ground debris must be immediately removed and destroyed by a tree removal company. Regular lawn maintenance should always be performed by an experienced tree company to ensure that accidental wounding does not damage the tree or its roots from mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. Regular pruning by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools prevents the infection from spreading through the tree’s structure. We strongly recommend deep root fertilization to boost the health of trees. A highly-specialized tree expert injects under pressure the liquid nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone and soil is aerated from the injected oxygen. Your trees will be 95% more resistant to disease when this key treatment is administered annually.

The best way to guard the health of your trees is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. No matter what your tree health care issues and concerns are, we have been providing quality tree care to our community and the surrounding cities for many years. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive fine, quality tree health care service at the best price. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and request your free consultation.

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