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Glen Rose, TX

Tree Care Pros is a Premier Tree Service who provides both commercial and residential tree services in Glen Rose, TX.

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Why Choose Tree Care Pros?

Tree Care Pros is your reliable tree care company who provides tree services for both commercial and residential properties in Glen Rose, TX. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removals, tree injections, stump grinding, tree disease, or more in Glen Rose, Texas, Tree Care Pros is your go-to place for all types of tree services. We are insured and bonded, for the safety of your property. Our arborist is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, with over 18+ years of experience in the tree industry. We truly know what it takes to have satisfied tree service customers. Our clients are extremely important to us, we guarantee you will be fully satisfied choosing us! Go ahead and give our tree experts a call today at (817) 402-2055 and you’ll get a FREE estimate by a certified arborist. 

18+ Years of Experience

Tree Care Pros has helped restore thousands of trees throughout select locations in Glen Rose, TX. We have over 18+ years of experience working in the tree industry and truly understand what it takes to bring a smile to your face!

Insured And Bonded

Being in this industry for a long time, we know the risk one must take in certain environments. So we decided to make it easy and worryless, we’re fully insured and bonded. Our arborist are ISA certified by the state of Texas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main goal is to always keep the clients happy, even if it costs us more. We have a 99% satisfaction rate and without you, our company wouldn’t be able to provide the easy and affordable tree services we do! Thank you!

Since 2000

Our company has been around for 18 years and knows the best methods and techniques. Call (817) 402-2055 for a FREE quote!

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