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Pine Bark Beetle Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

Tree Care Pros provides Fort Worth clients both commercial and residential Pine Bark Beetle Treatment in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding Dallas Fort Worth regions. Are you noticing that your fir trees are not as lush and beautiful as they once were?  In Fort Worth, pine bark beetle infestation is increasing at a rapid pace, and certified arbor care professionals are actively preventing their aggressive attack! Due to warming temperatures in the United States, pine trees are dying faster from the attack of pine bark beetles than ever seen before. There are over six thousand species of these fir destroyers, but the most common ones in the Fort Worth area and surrounding cities are the southern pine bark beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmerman), black turpentine beetle, and the pine engraver beetle. These beetle varieties range in size from barely-visible to nearly an inch in length, reproduce quickly, and fly from pine to pine spreading their destruction. Weak and damaged trees are highly susceptible to these deadly culprits. They love Texas heat and drought conditions and are most visible during July. It is exceptionally important to contact an experienced tree company at the first signs of weakness, damage or fading color in your pine trees, as these are good indications of pine bark beetle presence. For Pine Bark Beetle Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2055 for a free pine bark beetle treatment diagnosis by a certified arborist.

What Are Pine Bark Beetles?

Accurate diagnosis is easy for the best Fort Worth arborist! Texas firs have many obvious visible signs of pine bark beetle presence. Definite symptoms of beetle infestation include tiny pin-dot holes and flaking on the outer bark, needle discoloration and thinning, overall fading of the pine tree’s color and whitish or darkened sap and resin spots on the trunk and branches. Pay close attention to the appearance of trees that have been in the vicinity of construction activity which might have caused compacted soil near the tree roots because any stress to the root system can weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable.  Scattered or single fir trees are more likely to suffer pine bark beetle attack. If beetles are observed on your property, do not hesitate in contacting a certified arborist immediately! Remember, if the tree appears as if it might already be dead then it cannot be saved! Testing will be conducted and the firm confirmation of pine bark beetle damage will be given by the arbor care professional. A specialized and individualized plan of action will be developed and presented.

Pine Bark Beetles Treatment and Prevention

Call Tree Care Pros for Tree Services such as Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Sick Trees Fort Worth, Tree Disease, Tree Doctors, or more. We’re a 5-Star Rated Tree Service in the Fort Worth, Texas area. A customized plan by a certified arborist which combines both the continual maintenance and prevention from destruction to healthy firs and the treatment of trees which have already been victimized by pine bark beetles is the best approach to the preservation of your Fort Worth outdoor environment. Severely damaged trees and dead stumps and branches must be professionally removed by an experienced tree service. Healthy, valuable trees require complete spray coverage of insecticides annually to protect the pines before beetle activity invades the firs. Insecticides are also effective when administered by deep root systemic injections. The best method of insecticide application is through trunk injections because it’s both environmentally safe and provides direct contact with the killer beetles. It is crucial that healthy root systems are protected and deep root watering and fertilization may also be recommended by an arbor care professional if deemed necessary. Contact a Fort Worth tree service and ensure that the beauty of your pine trees endures for many years to come! Do not hesitate in scheduling a consultation with the best Fort Worth arborist and enacting a customized maintenance program for Pine Bark Beetles Treatment in Fort Worth, TX! Updated on November 27, 2018 at 2:20 pm by Tree Care Pros.
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