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Lace Bugs Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Targeting weak trees that are vulnerable to insect infestations, lace bugs are commonly seen throughout Fort Worth and the DFW area. Popular tree hosts such as ash, willow, birch and numerous other varieties are prevalent in established residential neighborhoods and tree care specialists are on the lookout for lace bug indications. Lace bugs overwinter in bark crevices and make their appearance known in spring. If treatment is administered early, these destructive insects do not destroy trees but their damage is visually unpleasant. Lace bugs reproduce rapidly and are capable of killing your trees if left untreated, however. Contact an experienced tree company immediately if your tree is exhibiting signs of a sick tree or you observe insects with translucent wings on your grounds.

Diagnosing Lace Bugs

The ISA certified arborist expedites the diagnostic process. Tree bark samples are examined for their presence and habitat grounds are closely inspected. An infested tree will exhibit dieback, wilted leaves, foliage discoloration and an overall declining appearance. A tree evaluation report is then detailed and presented. The arborist that treats sick trees determines and administers the treatment needed and a one year warranty is included. A personalized tree health care maintenance plan is designed and overseen by the arbor care professionals who will make certain that your residential grounds will remain beautiful and your valuable trees will remain healthy and free from insect problems and tree diseases.

Lace Bugs Treatment and Solutions

Severely infested trees, dead branches, bark falling and all ground debris must be removed and destroyed by a tree removal company. Regularly-scheduled pruning by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools is essential to halt continued lace bug infestation. Insecticide applications by means of systemic micro injections and trunk injections are successful when administered and directed by a tree doctor.  Deep root fertilization is an important tree health care treatment. The highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the liquid nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone. Soil is aerated by the injected oxygen. When administered annually, the tree will be 95% more resistant to insect pests and tree diseases and its root structure will thrive.

Take proactive measures and entrust the care of your trees and outdoor environment to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. We have been caring for the trees and plants in our community for many years and are devoted to providing you with the finest service at the best price. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and request your free consultation.

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