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Grape Phylloxera Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth and the north Texas area has become one of the most popular wine regions in the United States. Unfortunately, grape phylloxera are microscopic insects that inflict lethal destruction upon our grape vines and are killing them quickly. They multiply rapidly hidden in infected soil and invade the root system, preventing the vine from dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure. Infected vines exhibit premature leaf loss and an overall unhealthy appearance. There is no cure for this deadly nemesis; therefore, contact an experienced tree company immediately when your vines appear to be declining!

Diagnosing Grape Phylloxera

Official diagnostic procedures must be expedited. The experienced plant pathologist will examine the vines for visual verification. Soil is laboratory-tested, as infected soil spreads easily via winds and rain, digging and walking throughout the vineyard. Root grafts are analyzed for further confirmation. A diagnosis report is provided and the arbor care professional determines the immediate treatment necessary. A customized plan to halt phylloxera spread is presented to ensure that your grape vines are not destroyed.

Grape Phylloxera Treatment and Solutions

The best defense against grape phylloxera is to prevent it from ever infesting your plants! Severely infested vines must be immediately removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal company. Organic insecticide options are available and must be directed and administered by a tree expert so as to protect insect predators that feed upon grape phylloxera. The arbor care specialist will assist you in selecting resistant grape varieties to replace your destroyed vines and oversee healthy soil preparation. It is essential to enlist the services of the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas to ensure that your vines remain healthy and your soil is clean and free of grape phylloxera infestation.

Our highly-skilled ISA certified arborist, experienced plant pathologists and arbor care experts have the extensive knowledge in combating the lethal insects common in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your complimentary consultation. We will see to it that your treasured vines remain beautiful, healthy and disease-free.

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