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Learn more about the average cost of tree trimming. Tree Care Pros has provided complete tree care services to Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex region for over 25 years now.  Our family-owned company is conveniently located in Fort Worth; therefore, whatever tree health care or tree care services you may be needing, we are always here for you! 

Due to our extensive experience and many years of providing homeowners throughout our area with all the tree care services they require, our ISA certified arborist, tree care expert and team of experienced arbor care professionals are frequently asked what the cost of trimming their trees will be. 

No one wants unexpected bad financial surprises, that’s why we always provide you with a free estimate and complimentary consultation.  Contact us today at (817) 402-2055 and speak with our tree care specialist.

What Is The Normal Price For Trimming My Trees in Fort Worth, TX

In general, the average cost of tree trimming in Fort Worth ranges from approximately $400 to $600.  Keep in mind though that this is an approximate estimation. 

There are numerous factors that can affect this cost, as no two homeowners have identical outdoor environments, the same tree care needs or identical trees.  The following all influence the true cost of trimming your trees:

How Many Trees Do You Have?

Obviously, if you have many trees that need to be trimmed the cost will be more than if you have only a few trees.  The number of trees in need of trimming can greatly affect the cost of tree trimming services.

What Are Your Outdoor Grounds Like And How Large Is Your Lot?

Do you live within a residential neighborhood that has a close lot line near to your neighbor’s property?  Are you located in a neighborhood that has larger property grounds?  The size of your lot must be taken into consideration in order to provide you with an accurate cost for trimming your trees

Are There Power Lines Near The Trees?

This issue is very important!  To trim a tree within close vicinity of power lines is a dangerous task!  You do not want to put yourself, your neighbors or anyone you employ to trim your trees in an unsafe situation.  If power lines are near, proper safety measures must be taken to ensure that no harm comes to anyone that’s present or to your home.

Is Your Home Or The Home Of Your Neighbors In Close Vicinity of The Trees You Need To Be Trimmed?

Once again, this is a serious safety concern!  What would happen if a branch were to fall and damage your home or your neighbor’s house?  

How Large Are The Trees?

If you have small trees that only need to be trimmed and shaped to enhance your outdoor environment then the cost will be much less.  However, when large trees are in need of trimming then adequate safety measures come into play.  State-of-the-art roping and cabling are necessary to ensure that no harm or damage comes to you, your home or anyone on your property.

I Called A Lot Of Companies And The Prices Vary A Lot. Why Is That?

First, are these companies quoting you a price without even seeing your trees or property?  How can they quote you an accurate price without even taking the time to inspect your outdoor grounds or the trees you desire to be trimmed? 

Don’t let too-good-to-be-true prices fool you when your trees and property haven’t even been viewed.  It is imperative that your trees and residential grounds be analyzed up-close-and-personal first before an accurate price for tree trimming is provided.

I Have A Busy Schedule. Can I Hire Anybody To Trim My Trees?

No, don’t hire just anyone who drives through your neighborhood and offers to trim your trees.  It is always best to entrust the tree services you need to an arbor care professional. 

Quality tree trimming can benefit the health of your trees and enhance your landscape.  Tree trimming is done by an inexperienced, untrained individual often causes more harm than good and can even result in the tree’s death.  

Who Should I Call That Is Experienced At Trimming Trees?

Call the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.  We adhere to the strong tree care safety protocols established by the International Society of Arboriculture.  With Tree Care Pros, your safety is a top priority!  Check our online reviews and you’ll see for yourself the innumerable positive responses regarding our tree trimming services that our extensive clientele of satisfied customers have stated. 

Our ISA certified arborist, highly-trained tree expert and a team of arbor care specialists will see to it that you receive the finest tree trimming services and the best price available anywhere.  Your trees are valuable investments that increase your property value tremendously.  Why take chances with your living investments? 

Contact us today at (817) 402-2055 and request your free consultation and free estimate.  We guarantee the estimate we provide you will be accurate.  We look forward to meeting you!

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