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Being the largest provider of fine tree care services to the residents and businesses in Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding DFW metroplex cities for over 25 years, we are frequently asked by our customers how to plant a tree.  There are numerous things to consider before you plant a tree on your own.  How large is the tree?  Can you lift it without help?  What care will that tree variety require? This article can also help you plant a tree.

Before you attempt this task, always contact an experienced tree company and hear it from the pros!  At Tree Care Pros, our family-owned and locally-based company has the ISA certified arborist, tree expert and experienced arbor care professionals to answer any questions you have! 

Contact us today at (817) 402-2055.  We are here for you, offer you a free consultation and gladly welcome your questions!   

1. Make Sure The Tree You Select Is Suitable For Your Area.

Don’t purchase a tree just because you like the way it looks!  Different tree varieties do better in different climates or types of soil.  Make sure the tree you choose is well-suited for the area you live in.

2. Dig A Hole At Least Twice As Wide As The Root Ball But No Deeper.

You don’t want the roots to be planted too deeply.  The extra width allows the roots to spread and establish themselves.

3. Fill The Empty Hole With Water And Check The Drainage.

This step is so you are sure the tree will receive sufficient drainage.  If the hole is still holding water after 24 hours, it is best you choose another area to plant your tree.

4. Trim The Tree Lighty If Needed.

Trim off only what is necessary.  For visual appeal, trim lightly to shape the tree and remove any broken or dead branches.

5. Remove Any Wrapping And Set The Tree In The Hole.

Make sure the top of the root ball area is at ground level or just slightly above it.

6. Fill The Hole With Soil.

Do not pack the soil in or press it down.  Make sure you use quality soil.

7. Place Mulch Around The Tree.

Quality, natural mulch such as wood chips or bark pieces are important for newly-planted trees.  Some of the positive benefits mulch provides is it insulates the soil and is a buffer from cold or hot temperatures, it ensures the roots stay moist, prevents soil compaction and keeps weeds out so the tree’s roots are competing with theirs. 

Remove any grass in a three-foot area around the tree and put the mulch from two to four inches deep in that circle.  Don’t put the mulch all the way up to the tree’s trunk.

Is It Better To Plant A Tree In The Fall Or In Spring?

This debate continues between serious gardeners; however, both seasons are excellent for planting trees.  Each season offers the tree different benefits.  Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if planting a tree in the fall or in the spring is best for you. 

How Much Would It Cost To Have My Trees Planted By A Professional?

The cost of professional tree planting varies greatly, as there are many factors that must be considered.  What location are you wanting the tree to be planted in?  How large is the tree?  Are there obstacles near the area you desire?  What you need to pay close attention to is the weight of the tree. 

If you are planting a tree on your own, you will have to lift that tree and place it in the hole.  A large tree also requires a large hole, meaning that you will have to dig that hole for a longer period of time.  If you decide you prefer to hire someone to plant the tree for you, be sure you are hiring an experienced, qualified tree care professional.

Who Can Help Me Decide Where and How To Plant A Tree?

Give us a call today at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your free consultation.  Our tree expert will advise you on the best trees for your outdoor environment. 

We always provide you with a free estimate!  With Tree Care Pros, you are number one!  Entrust the care of your outdoor grounds and beautiful trees to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.  We look forward to meeting you!

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