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Learn How To Properly Mulch Around Trees in this article. As we are the best arborist and tree care service in this entire region, we are frequently asked by our many customers if things must be done to keep their trees strong and healthy. Spring is the best time to ready your valuable living investments for the upcoming seasons! If you have questions regarding this, be sure to call us at (817) 402-2055 and ask our tree care expert!

Is it Important To Mulch Around My Trees?

Yes! Mulching is extremely important to prepare your valuable trees for the upcoming season. Spring is always the best time to ensure your trees can survive in the upcoming summer heat!

Are There Wrong Ways To Put Mulch Around My Trees?

Definitely! It is extremely important to make certain that the mulch is properly applied around your trees. Improper mulching is known as “volcano mulching.” By observing the mulching around trees in the yards of your neighbors, you will notice that this incorrect mulching technique is common! Volcano mulching appears just as it sounds! The mulch is applied so thick that it appears like a volcano and the tree trunk seems to be shooting out of the top of the mulch hill! Unfortunately, this incorrect mulch application is considered appropriate; however, we know that it is not good for your trees!

The following are some of the negative things that can happen to your prized trees if mulch is not applied properly:

  • A barrier is caused by the excess mulch that prevents the water and air from getting to the soil.
  • Tree bark needs water and air to remain hardened and strong. Excess mulch prevents this and harms your tree.
  • Moisture from excess mulch against the bark of your tree causes rot and fungus.

What Does The Mulch Look Like When It Is Applied Correctly?

The mulch should never be deeper than two or three feet thick! Mulch should never touch the base of your tree!

What Should I Do If I Observe The Mulch Was Not Properly Applied?

Carefully evaluate the mulch application around your trees! If you believe that the mulch is not applied correctly and you want to be certain that your trees are safe and healthy, always contact the best arborist and tree care company and request evaluation by our owner and tree care expert! Contact us today at (817) 402-2055!

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