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Close up of a very diseased tree in Arlington TX

My Tree Looks Like It May Have A Disease. What Should I Do?

If you’re suspicious that your tree may have a disease, don’t hesitate in contacting an experienced tree company! If your tree doesn’t look right to you, it probably does have a tree disease. Early treatment is very important because if a disease is permitted to progress to its advanced stages, it may even kill your tree! Most homeowners have no idea how they can tell if their tree has a disease, so you are not alone! 

The arbor care company will have tree care specialists, tree doctors, and an ISA certified arborist who are able to examine, analyze, and assess the health status of your tree. Tree company experts have extensive experience in the Texas tree service industry and are devoted to maintaining the high standards of excellence that the International Society of Arboriculture is known for. When in doubt, always contact the best arborist in Arlington, Texas!

Are There Warning Signs That I Should Look for That Help Me Know If My Tree Has A Disease?

As with any illness, different tree diseases cause different symptoms to manifest. The way that the diseases are visibly revealed on your tree does, of course, depend upon the variety of the tree. However, there are some common indications that a tree is diseased, no matter what its variety is. 

  • A Thinning Appearance And Canopy

Trees that are lush and full are usually strong and healthy. If your tree has an overall thinning, sparse appearance, and has bare spaces, it is most likely suffering from a tree disease.

  • Dead Branches And Branches Falling

Tumultuous thunderstorms and severe weather conditions may break off your tree’s branches; however, a healthy tree will have branches that are generally flexible. If you notice branches laying on the ground around your tree or see dead branches, your tree is infected by a tree disease.

  • Spots Or Inappropriate Color Leaves

When your tree is healthy, the color of its leaves will be appropriate for its variety and the foliage won’t have blemishes or spots. Are the leaves on your tree looking as if they’ve been burned? Does the tree exhibit yellowish or brownish color leaves? If so, you need to contact an arborist that treats sick trees promptly!

  • Premature Loss Of Leaves

Have you been wondering why your tree is shedding an abundance of leaves? When trees are exhibiting premature defoliation and shedding their leaves in excess, especially when it’s not the correct season for them to, it is suffering from a tree disease. Contact a tree expert immediately when you observe frequent or early leaf shedding by your tree.

What Can I do To Improve The Health Of My Tree?

Always be proactive when it comes to caring for your trees! Don’t wait until the tree is severely diseased before contacting an experienced tree company! Protect your valuable living investments and contact the best arborist in Arlington, Texas. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential, as there are a number of tree diseases that will kill your tree if treatment isn’t administered quickly! Request an official diagnosis by a tree doctor. A tree’s health can often be restored in the early stages of the disease. The sooner that your tree is diagnosed and receives treatment, the less damage that the disease will do to your tree.

What Can I do To Keep My Trees Healthy So They Don’t Get A Disease?

Because of their extensive study and vast experience in the Texas tree service industry, an experienced tree company has the knowledge that you need to advise and direct you pertaining to the following ways that you can ensure that your trees are robust, healthy, and thrive. The ISA certified arborist and highly-trained tree expert will custom-design the perfect tree and health care maintenance plan to ensure that your trees throughout your outdoor grounds are always in the best of health and beautiful.

  • Tree Health Assessment

The ISA certified arborist examines your tree thoroughly and completes a tree evaluation report for you.  If your tree’s health is declining and is vulnerable to destructive tree diseases, the arbor care expert will advise you of the care that the tree needs. The tree expert will determine the nutrients that the tree requires in order to be healthy and strong.

  • Regularly-Scheduled Tree Punning

When a tree’s branches are overcrowded, it doesn’t receive sufficient airflow through its leaves or adequate sunlight.  Regularly-scheduled tree pruning by a tree pruning service will correct these issues and guarantee that the health and vitality of your trees is maintained.

  • Deep Root Fertilization

We strongly recommend this very important treatment! The highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients that the tree needs directly into its root zone. Topical lawn fertilizer doesn’t feed your trees adequately! Soil aeration occurs from the injected oxygen and the problems caused by soil compaction are eliminated. Trees that receive this important health care treatment annually are 95% more resistant to disease and maintain a robust, strong root structure.

  • Prevent Wounds

Trees that have been damaged or wounded are often targeted by insect pests and serious tree diseases. Accidental wounding can occur from regular lawn care maintenance, construction projects, weed trimmers, and shovels. Always entrust the care of your outdoor grounds to a professional arbor care company. They’ll see to it that careless wounds don’t happen to your valuable trees!

  • Controlled Watering

Sprinklers may seem easy, but they tend to leave excessive moisture on your tree leaves and on your habitat grounds. This wet environment invites destructive fungal tree diseases! Controlled watering by soil drenching or soaker hoses overseen and directed by an arbor care professional will ensure that your trees receive the correct amount of water that they need and that fungal tree diseases don’t strike.

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