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Unfortunately, there are numerous serious tree diseases prevalent throughout the Fort Worth area that target and destroy oak trees. Oak decline is amongst these deadly diseases and is often mistaken for Oak Wilt. Arbor care experts and tree doctors are on high alert for an oak decline, as thousands of high-value oak trees in established residential neighborhoods have died from it. Infected trees exhibit a thinning canopy and an overall declining appearance. Treatment must be administered in the early stages of disease invasion to prevent permanent damage and death to the tree; therefore, contact an experienced tree company immediately when you observe these symptoms or your tree has manifested signs of a sick tree.

Diagnosing Oak Decline

As with many tree diseases and insect infestations, Oak Decline targets trees that have suffered stressful conditions, wounds and are weak. Severe weather, fungal invasions, wood-boring insects and unintentional damage to roots all stress a tree and make it vulnerable to disease. Upon thorough examination of the tree and investigating the habitat grounds the ISA certified arborist provides a detailed tree evaluation report. The arborist that treats sick trees administers the treatment needed and a one year warranty is provided with any treatment. An ongoing tree health care maintenance plan is designed and instituted by the arbor care professional. Maintaining the health of your trees is the best way to prevent them from falling prey to deadly tree diseases.

Oak Decline Treatment and Solutions

The proactive way to combat Oak Decline is to guard the health of your trees so oak decline never targets them! Deep root fertilization is important! The highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone. Soil is aerated by the injected oxygen and compacted soil is corrected. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% more disease-resistant and their root structures thrive. Regular lawn care should always be directed by an experienced tree company to prevent unintentional wounding by mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. Your trees are valuable investments and greatly increase your property value.

Entrust the care of your residential outdoor environment and your prized trees to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. The International Society of Arboriculture has high standards of honor, integrity and tree health care that our tree care specialists and arbor care experts devotedly adhere to. No matter what tree care issues, concerns or desires you have, our company of experienced professionals will provide you with the quality service you need. Call us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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