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The most serious insect destroyer of trees is termites. They are prevalent in Fort Worth and our tree care specialists are continuously battling their destruction. Termites eat only wood and are indiscriminate. They eat trees from the inside out and an infested tree becomes a danger to life and property. Termites eat dead wood and target weak, wounded living trees. An infested tree will exhibit branches falling, dead branches and signs of a dying tree. As these insects multiply rapidly, early treatment is key! Contact an experienced tree company immediately when your tree exhibits these symptoms or you observe alates (winged termites) on your property.

Diagnosing Termites

The official diagnosis is a swift process for our ISA certified arborist. In addition to the tree’s symptoms, outdoor grounds are examined to detect the location of termites. Termites live in clusters below the soil at the infested tree’s baseline. Any wood throughout your property will be inspected, as termites can rapidly invade your home. The diagnosis report is provided and the arbor care specialist determines the immediate treatment needed and outlines the termite elimination plan. Do not hesitate to begin treatment! Proactive measures are the only way to prevent serious termite destruction.

Termites Treatment and Solutions

A professional tree removal service must immediately remove and destroy all infested trees, dead branches, tree stumps, old firewood and any wood invaded by termites. Insecticide treatments are necessary and must be administered by a tree doctor. Spraying your entire outdoor grounds is highly suggested to ensure termite elimination. Enlist the service of an experienced tree company and schedule regular inspections of your residence to prevent termites from invading and multiplying. The best defense for living trees is to guard their health. A continual tree health care plan directed by the arbor care professional will make certain that termites will not invade your residence.

Entrust the care of your residential outdoor environment and your valuable trees to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. We have been providing quality tree care service to our community for many years and adhere to the high standards of arbor care that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. No matter what tree and plant issues or concerns you have, our experienced team of arbor care experts will make certain that you receive the quality tree and plant service you desire and deserve. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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