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Signs of A Sick Tree

If you have noticed brown or yellow leaves on any deciduous tree before the autumn season there’s a chance you have a sick tree on your property. Defoliation on the canopy of the trees is also a sign of a sick tree and could indicate that the health of the overall tree is at risk.

From time to time if the tree has not been cared for a worst tree disease like canker happen. This will cause the trees vascular system complete shutdown of nutrients and water uptake. If this takes place during the hot summer months there is the possibility that the tree will die! Need sick tree help in Fort Worth, TX? Call a professionally trained arborist from Tree Care Pros.

Brown Leaves

Brown leaves is a sign that your tree could be sick.

Brown leaves is a sign that your tree could be sick.

Yellow Leaves

Yellow leaves is a sign that your tree could be sick.

Yellow leaves is a sign that your tree could be sick.

Further Signs of Tree Disease

Trees tend to get sick from time to time especially due to drought or extreme rainy season. On occasions when the tree is extremely stressed it will release a hormone to the insect world indicating that it has been weakened. It’s at this point that a sick tree will be colonized with a primary invader or a secondary invader insect. These are normally borer beetles found in North Texas trees that invade When and cause tree disease weakening the tree even further.

How to Care for A Sick Tree

First, it is imperative to contact a sick tree diagnosing Fort Worth company to help you identify which tree disease is causing the tree’s sickness. A qualified state licensed arborist or an experience tree doctor can help diagnose the tree disease. With simple laboratory testing or an experienced trained eye for diagnosing trees. At this point, a treatment can be indertuced and administered to help combat the tree disease and regain the overall tree’s health.

Sick Tree FAQ

Here are other frequently asked questions.

Should I water my trees when they are sick?

That depends on what is causing the tree sickness. If over irrigation or saturation from rain has caused the tree sickness? It is best to cut back water for a period of time. If the tree is in drought weather, then watering should be administered until the tree show signs of regaining itself health.


Should I add fertilizer to my Sick Tree?

The answer to that is no! In most cases adding fertilizer can further advance fungal or bacterial. It is best to wait until the next fall or pre-spring if trees are showing signs of regaining health to apply fertilizer.


What is the best time of the year to treat for tree sickness?

That really depends on the type of sickness. Example; bacterial is best or treated during cooler weather. Fungal could be treated at any time but do best if treated in fall or early spring.


What is the best time of the year to treat my sick trees for tree pests?

Two applications are normally needed one at first sight of noticing the tree pests insects. A secondary treatment at their mating cycle to ensure potent treatment.


What is the best course of treatment for my sick trees?

There are several ways of treating sick trees.

  • Trunk injections
  • Micro systemic injections
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Spraying of bark and canopy

All wonderful ways of treating your sick trees back to good health. In some cases, multiple treatments might be administered during the year depending on the severity of the tree disease or borer beetles insect infestation. Your local arborist company will determine which treatment above is adequate.


For the best certified arborist company in Fort Worth, TX, call 817-502-9402. We can help diagnose sick trees on your property in the Texas region. If you have sick trees in Fort Worth, TX, call Tree Care Pros for a free sick tree diagnosis.


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