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Bacterial Slime Flux Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Prevalent throughout Fort Worth and north Texas, this bacterial ailment targets trees that are mature and have been stressed, weakened and suffered damages and wounds to their bark. Maples, oaks, elms, ash and a plethora of popular tree varieties are targeted by bacterial slime flux. The destructive bacterial agents multiply rapidly in soil and moisture and feed upon tree sap. Although bacterial slime flux rarely destroys a tree in and of itself, it causes a tree to become more susceptible to other tree diseases and insect infestations. Leakage will occur from tree wounds and the slimy liquid emits a strong, offensive odor. Contact an experienced tree company promptly when your tree exhibits signs of a sick tree or is oozing liquid.

Diagnosing Bacterial Slime Flux

The experienced plant pathologist will examine the tree and outdoor environment. The oozing liquid will kill grass and plants around the tree’s baseline. Core wood will be dark and wet in appearance and no longer useable for lumber or woodworking projects. A diagnosis report is provided and treatment is administered by an arborist that treats sick trees. A one year warranty is provided for treatments. The experienced tree company customizes a continual tree health care plan exclusively for you. This program will restore the health and vitality of your trees and give you the peace of mind in knowing that your residence and valuable trees will always remain beautiful.

Bacterial Slime Flux Treatment and Solutions

The best way to combat bacterial slime flux is to prevent it from ever occurring. Roots are the support system of trees and deep root fertilization is an important tree health care treatment. A highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the liquid nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone. Soil aeration occurs from the injected oxygen. Trees are 95% more disease-resistant when this is administered annually. Guard trees from unintentional wounding by limiting activities within close vicinity to the trees and having regular lawn care performed by arbor care professionals. Accidental wounds can occur from mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. Slime leakage should be cleaned and sanitized by a tree care specialist. Your trees are valuable investments and their health must be protected.

We are the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas and have been caring for the trees in our community for many years. Providing you with safe, quality tree health care at the best price is our company objective and we adhere to the high standards of tree and plant health care established by the International Society of Arboriculture. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your free consultation.

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