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Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

This deadly fungal pathogen is increasing at an alarming rate throughout Fort Worth and North Texas. All oak tree varieties in established neighborhoods are being destroyed by this indiscriminate tree disease. Hypoxylon Canker targets only stressed weak or wounded trees. Extreme weather conditions, poor soil drainage and activities such as construction projects can severely stress a tree and damage its root system. Infected trees exhibit premature defoliation, branches falling, dead branches, bark falling and a myriad of other visually displeasing symptoms. Treatment must be administered early to save the tree; therefore, contact an experienced tree company immediately when you notice these symptoms and your oak is manifesting signs of a dying tree.

Diagnosing Hypoxylon Canker

Diagnostic evaluation is swiftly performed by the ISA certified arborist. In addition to the tree’s symptoms, habitat grounds are examined for compacted soil and standing water. The root system is tested for damaged or rotted areas. A diagnosis report is completed and the arborist that treats sick trees determines and administers the immediate treatment required. A one year warranty is included with all treatments. The arbor care professional will customize a continual tree health care maintenance plan to protect your residential outdoor environment and your prized trees. Trees highlight your residence and increase your property value. Guarding your investments is of prime importance.

Hypoxylon Canker Treatment and Solutions

Severely diseases trees are a danger to life and property. Immediate removal and destruction of dead and diseased trees by a tree removal company are extremely important. Regular ground maintenance should always be performed by an experienced tree company, as unintentional wounding occurs from mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. Deep root fertilization administered by a highly-skilled tree expert boosts the tree’s root structure and immunity by 95% when administered annually, as well as aerating the soil. Entrusting the care of your outdoor grounds and your living investments to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas is the proactive way to prevent hypoxylon canker from infecting your trees.

Our tree doctors, ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists are extremely knowledgeable and have been caring for the trees in our area for many years. We adhere to the high standards of safety and tree health care protocols that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. No matter what your tree care issues or needs are, we guarantee you the safest, finest tree care service at the best price. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your free consultation.

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