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Powdery Mildew Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Caused by numerous different fungal pathogens, powdery mildew is a serious problem throughout Fort Worth. It thrives in warm weather and begins appearing when spring weather rises above sixty degrees. Fungal spores are spread rapidly by winds and this unsightly tree and plant disease can quickly overtake your entire outdoor grounds. White powdery spots cover leaves and trees exhibit premature defoliation and signs of a sick tree. Contact an experienced tree company immediately when you observe these signs. Without treatment, powdery mildew often results in the death of infected trees and plants.

Diagnosing Powdery Mildew

Always request official diagnostic testing by an arbor care professional. The experienced plant pathologist examines your trees, plants and outdoor environment and completes a diagnosis report. Laboratory testing is done to provide definitive confirmation of powdery mildew invasion. The tree doctor will then determine and administer the specific treatment needed. A one year warranty is provided on all treatments. Due to the swift progression and destructive nature of this fungal ailment, early diagnosis is of the utmost importance.

Powdery Mildew Treatment and Solutions

All ground debris and severely infected trees and plants must be immediately removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal company. Regular trimming and pruning of infected leaves must be done by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools in order to prevent the continued spread of powdery mildew. Early morning controlled watering by means of drip irrigation and soaker hoses overseen by a tree care specialist reduces excess soil and foliage moisture. Fungicide application is successful but must be scheduled by an arborist that treats sick trees. A continual tree and plant health care maintenance program designed by an experienced tree company will ensure that your residential outdoor environment and your trees and plants never fall prey to unsightly powdery mildew disease.

The proactive measure is always best to protect your valuable living investments. Entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas and have confidence in knowing you will receive the best tree and plant health care at the best price. Contact us at (817) 402-2055 and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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