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Webworms Treatment in Forth Worth, TX

Exceptionally common throughout Fort Worth, webworms infest hickory, elm, oak, pecan and the many popular tree varieties seen in established residential neighborhoods. They overwinter in cocoons and deep bark cracks and tend to target trees that are weak and wounded. Webworms spin white webbing bags in tree branches and hide within while they eat your tree’s foliage. Webworm insect infestation does not damage the tree if treatment is administered immediately; however, they quickly overtake your entire residence and the webbed bags are unsightly. Contact an experienced tree company promptly if you observe the webbing bags in your trees or since you have an insect problem.

Diagnosing Webworms

When you are in question as to the health of your trees, always contact an arborist that treats sick trees and schedule a diagnostic evaluation. An experienced plant pathologist breaks the webbing bags to confirm webworm presence and examine the damage to your tree foliage. The outdoor grounds are examined for cocoons and a diagnosis report is provided. The tree doctor will determine and administer the treatment needed and a one year warranty is provided. A continual tree health care maintenance plan developed by arbor care professional will ensure that your outdoor residential grounds and your trees always remain beautiful and free from tree diseases and destructive and visually undesirable insect infestations.

Webworms Treatment and Solutions

All dead foliage and ground debris must immediately be removed and destroyed by a tree removal company. Regularly-scheduled tree pruning by a tree pruning service aids in removing infected branches before the webworms spread. When webworm invasion is addressed quickly then the tree care specialist will use high-pressure spraying to remove the bags and slash them open, exposing the webworms to bird predators. Maintaining the health of your trees is of utmost importance and deep root fertilization boosts the vitality of trees by 95% when administered annually. Your trees highlight your residence and greatly increase your property value. Entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our ISA certified arborist, tree doctors, and tree experts have extensive experience maintaining the health of the trees within our community. We adhere to the high tree health care protocols established by the International Society of Arboriculture and are devoted to providing you with the finest tree and plant care that you desire and deserve. Call us at (817) 402-2055 and request your complimentary consultation.

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